2012-03-10 Heidens geweld, Dynamo, Eindhoven

This weekend, it was time for some 'heidens geweld' at Eindhoven. It was the second time this festival took place.

We arrived on time to see White Oak. The sound was all right and so was the show, although I did not understand what the singer was telling the audience between the songs. They sold their tape at the merchandise stand in the hall. Because I don't own a tape-recorder, I bought a CD of Sea of trees (side project) with three numbers on it. Unfortunately, the venue was not yet filled. I thought this had something to do with a party and bands in Tilburg, also in Brabant. Slechtvalk, who play dark metal with some Folk-influences, is not my cup of tea, so the beer garten was a good escape. When Panchrysia was on stage, more people seem to have crawled from under their rocks (or thombstones). Pancrysia sounded great and had a nice stage-performance. Their gig and music could not hold my attention for too long (not bad, but also not appealing enough) so time to have some dinner.

Carach Angren was as solid, epic and entertaining as we know them, performing 2 new tracks from their album 'Where The Corpses Sink Forever", which shall be released on the 18th of May 2012. I cannot believe their performance took 75 minutes. I guess they really played a shorter gig.

Skyforger did a great job, and had a big audience. I wasn't really in the mood for it, so I headed back to the beer garten again.

The Kampfar show was just AWSOME! The crowd had a great time, and also the band, according to their performance. Dolk started the show in a T-shirt, but luckily he took it off a few songs later. Of course they peformed Ravenheart. And all of a sudden it was over.

The timetable was:

Kampfar 21:55 - 23:10 (75 min)

Skyforger 20:20 - 21:35 (75 min)

Carach Angren 18:45 - 20:00 (75 min) + scoop new material

Panchrysia 17:25 - 18:25 (60 min)

Slechtvalk 16:05 - 17:05 (60 min)

White Oak 15:00 - 15:45 (45 min) + scoop new demo


Review & Pictures by: Marjaaah