2012-04-20 Peter Pan Speedrock, Kasteel, Alphen a/d Rijn

It has been a while, since we entered Kasteel. If I remember it well, it was with After forever and Autumn, way back! Today, the genre is a bit different.I don't know why, but we missed Joe madman and the Sidewalkers.

Driving Dead Girl from Belgium was a good thing to see and to hear: the sound was fine. They gave a good show. Singer Dim Wild turned out to be a theatratic performer, he walked into public while singing, laid on the ground, jumped off the stage. Nothing to complain about theatre, but at some moment I had seen enough. Their last number was a cover of a song made by the Cramps. OOR magazine describes Driving Dead Girl as a mix from Jon Spencer in his Blues Explosion, Roy Orbison on speed and The Cramps if they were still alive. According to this gig, we can imagine that!

The venue wasn't stuffed when Peter Pan Speedrock jumped on the stage, but there were a lot of people. From the first note on, the guys from Eindhoven made it true by playing a speedy mix of punk, hardrock, rockabilly and metal.

Unfortunately, the sound sucked big time! It was VERY loud and had a lot of shrieks and other annoying things in it. So it was not doable for us to stay all the time, we took a lot of smoking breaks.

There was a mosh pit during mostly the whole show.

Of course Dikke Dennis came on stage to join in. Despite of his sweating big body always a good thing to see. There was also a girl picked out of the crowd to join them on stage, but she did not look very comfortable during the little show she gave.

According to the crowd, the band did a great job. We had a nice evening with some beers and friends.

Review & Pictures by: Marjaaah & Metaldude666