2013-08-08_10 Party San Open Air, Schlotheim, Germany

After a solid trip, Flugplatz Obermehler was reached at Wednesday afternoon. When the campsite building and BBQ were done, it was party time in the metal disco. The discoparty finished earlier this year, so there was more time to have some of our own booze at the campsites during the rest of the night.
On Thursday, the first band we checked out was Bombs of Hades. It's nice to start a festival like Party San with some heavy shit. Straightforward swedish death metal. Nothing more...nothing less. Nice to see a band playing with enthusiasm. The bass and guitar player teamed up to make a real full sound. Next up were Farsot. This German band plays progressive black metal. Catchy riffs and entertaining changes in tempo completed this nice gig. The singer walked off stage halfway through the last song. Next came a rather abrupt end to the show, because of the strict instructions of the stage-manager. All though black metal is not really my (Metaldude666) cup of tea, the guys Denial of God put up a good show (for watching and listening). A bit theatrical performance but still black to the bone (with some death influences). After that, we took our time to chill and BBQ until blackened thrash/death metallers Deströyer666 originally from Australia but nowadays residing in The Netherlands hit the stage. In the beginning of their show, the sound was better a bit far away from the stage than it was nearby. They brought us their raw and brutal music, like 'Satan's hammer' just in the way we know them. Later this evening, Carpathian Forest served us true Norwegian black metal. Hatred wit a big H. While throwing things around like a madman and with an hail to Celtic Frost, classic songs like 'Black shining leather, 'Mask of the slave' and 'Knokkelmann' came along. It seemed like Nattefrost did have some breathing problems. Pity was that he could not master all tones because of this. Dutchies Legion Of The Damned presented their raw death/trash metal in a way they always do. In a brutal en energetic way they let us know about death, dead, undead, suffering, rapture and more of this nice, but macabre topics. Odd one out for today was Heaven Shall Burn. They did not have to travel very far, because they are from Thuringia, the region Schlotheim is also located in. Their melodic death metal/metalcore was not quite my taste, but the crowd seemed to enjoy the songs about society, anti-fascism and even animal rights a lot. Their metalcore is quite catchy.
After some more beer, dancing and campsite-shizzle, it was time to go downwards at the airbed.

Friday I failed big time by missing the party-gig of Goregrind masters Gutalax. Friends who did make it on time (even with too little/no sleep and a BIG Hangover) told me it was great fun during this party moment! These men from the Czech Republic, dressed in gory-white gave quite enough 'piggy' to the crowd. Their public was dancing around with inflatable guitars, wearing a mask, shower cap or a diversity of other inflatable things. Even a naked man jumped by. A good band to start this day, I could hear while being hit by the lazy stick at my tent. Shining (the Swedish one) climbed the stage in the late afternoon. Even in the daylight, these depressive black metallers with their macabre singer Niklas Kvarforth knew how to put a suitable atmosphere, just from the seconds their intro started. Niklas spitted, sniffed and growled. He made hostile gestures and called similar things to some people in the front row. The sound, especially the singing was, not well audible all the time. Nevertheless it was nice to hear work of their latest album as older work come along. After kissing bass player Christian Larsson quite rough, hey yelled: 'get used to it, we are black metal faggots'. According to the public, the impression of the performance varied: some had a great time, others told me it was the worst Shining-show they had ever seen. Next it was time for some death metal performed by Dutch band Grand Supreme Blood Court (feat. Alwin Zuur, Martin van Drunen & Bob Bagchus of Asphyx). Nice variety in tempo again. To the description of the Party San organization I have nothing to add to: raw, true to the bone and breathtaking like hot hellfire. Some might say Van Drunen is not as good as he was in his time with Pestilence, today I did not notice that. From Birmingham (UK) they sent us Anaal Nathrakh. This energetic band played a combination of styles: Black Metal, Industrial und Grindcore went along together during this performance with songs like 'In the Constellation of the Black Widow', 'The Lucifer Effect', 'Volenti Non Fit Iniuria' and ended with 'Forging Towards the Sunset'. Great show (maybe a bit chaotic), if you can dig their style. During Vomitory it was party time at the beer garden for us. As far as we could focus on the gig, it sounded quite ok. During this great beer (and spare-rib) fest, it was already time to welcome the band from the Republic of Ireland: Primordial. This performance was just awesome, especially songs like 'No grave deep enough' and 'The coffin ships'. The band plays a blend of celtic, folk and black metal. Although those first types are not my (Marjaaah) cup of tea at all, this band knows how to serve it. Pure, intense, and moving. I saw a number of people, including myself, got deeply touched. Only downside was the stage manager looking at her watch while the band was performing 'Empire Falls' as final song. The show seemed to be over in a blink of an eye. I was far from being achieved when Unleashed kicked off. They played a good show, but nothing special. Just plain trash metal the way it should be: like a 'Hammer Battalion'. It was noticeable that a lot of people looked forward to see Kings of Death metal Dying Fetus, from the US. Entertaining and brutal as we know them, they performed a steady show. Of course 'Kill your mother, rape your dog' was a must for both band and public. Around midnight, the field was really filled. A lot of people seemed to have crawled out of their tent caves to see Hypocrisy. This was one hell of a show, great lights, samples, energy, nice mix of older and newer songs. Drummer Reidar Horghagen (Horgh) is entertaining for both ears and eyes. Due to poor lighting and a high built drum kit we couldn't see much of him. It could be possible that I'm spoiled by the amazing (and quite intimate) show they gave a few months ago in a small venue in Holland. Today I was much less absorbed by their music. In my opinion, Peter Tägtgren is more convincing when he is on stage with Pain. If I am right, they did not play 'Roswell 47', but used this one as outro/accompaniment music during dismantling the stage.

Skeletal Remains opened the last day. Their death metal uses a lot of thrash influences.The vocalist (Chris Monroy) looks like a Tom Araya and even sounds a bit like him. An energetic start. After this powerful start Hooded Menace came to kill party. With their doomy sound and detached stage show they were plain boring. But it wasn't bedtime yet: it was Tsjuder time. It was also a real strange experience to see them playing in the daylight. Their black metal is real good for some nice dance moves. This probably wasn't what the band had in mind when they wrote the music. Obscura was not really catching my interest, but nice to hear on the background. The sound was not overall good, with their technical death metal this band seem to suffer a lot more than some other bands. Helrunar was boring, even on the background. Disappointing. Impaled Nazarene had some car trouble. They arrived much later than planned. Probably this was the reason for their grumpy faces and dull play. It was nice, but not a big bounce to me. Korpiklaani sounded just terrible. Flabbergasted to see their name on the billing list. Their annoying instruments could be heard all over the place, so no opportunity to avoid them. It seemed like a lot of people didn't share my humble opinion on this one at all. English death metal/grindcore legends Carcass did a great job. This one of the most influential, most brutal and idolized noise bands of all time was bombing the festival grounds bigtime. Venom is probably one of the biggest names in metal ever. They alone may have influenced all the bands ever on Party San, so an introduction seems not necessary. But in Satan's name what has extreme metal changed over the years. They played a magnificent show. Cronos still has such a big charisma he could fill the stage alone. The show drumming Danté showed us is enough to keep you watching for hours. I am very glad PSOA hired this very worthy band as a closing act, no other band could have been able to surpass this: musically probably, show-wise maybe, but absolutely not this whole package Venom showed us.

And then we realized that we did not see any gig in the tent stage. The music of Bonsai Kitten sounded not too bad, heard from the campsite. Attic sounded even better. What a voice! We were wondering if it was Kind Diamond himself to help out these Mercyful Fate clones. We are now really curious about their performance on a future festival. About the festival in general: great atmosphere as always. Great festival weather. Good looking people working at the first aid ;) The beer was still ok, the food was not absolutely fantastic. This year, there was also a little stand with afghan food, were a lot of people were very happy with, especially with the fried vegetables on a stick. I prefer the Indian, though. Dixies are cleaned regularly and there still is an option to buy a 'shit and shower-flat rate bracelet, to get some relief on a flush toilet. After four years in a row PSOA still seems to get better by the year. Next year it's the 20th anniversary of Party San, we hope they have something extra special planned for this occasion. See you next year for sure.

Review & Pictures by: Marjaaah & Metaldude666