2014-08-07_09 Party San Open Air, Schlotheim, Germany

The days preceeding 2014 Party San thunderstorm and heavy winds were raging through the north of Germany.
Everybody was hoping for more stable weather and this worked. The festival ground will be fine even with bad weather, but a open air party is better with some nice weather.
The organisation was again able to get us a very nice line-up.

Necrowretch had the pleasure of opening the festival. And they were not alone. Not all festivals have this much people present for the first band. Both band and crowd seem te be enjoying themselves. Old school death metal is a solid way to start te party.

The senior citizens from Entombed (AD) are still alive (and kicking some butt). Swedish death metal (and even their death-'n-roll) will never go out of style (IMHO).

But not all shows were great this first day. The Thursday headliner Watain didn't seems te be able to get their act together. Frontman Erik had a hard time standing on his feet, unfortunately he didn't have any extra powers to make it a steady show. The rest of the band weren't able to make the gig any better. It wasn't all bad....the fires were working great.

After a few false starts Jig-Ai eventually got their show started and had the important job to wake up everybody. All the grindfans were there and made the party complete.

25 years after their first (and only) album came out Repulsion were here to hit the stage. The band only came together to play live shows. It's not their intention to bring on new material. For all the old grindcore fans this gig was a flashback to the late 80's. The band had more than enough time to rehearse the song, therefore they put up a good show. My favorite for this weekend!

Unfortunately another black metal band didn't lived up to their reputation. Satyricon did much better than Watain the day before, but still....they can do much better. Their old songs worked out best this day.

Imperium Dekadenz was a nice surprise. Black metal with a smile. The band played their asses off and still it sounded very well.

Kampfar had to save the face of black metal this festival. And so they did. Great show, energetic performance and a good sound.

Germany number 1 thrash band Kreator were flown in to close the festival. After 30 years of playing all over the world this band is still one of the best in their genre. All songs were played to near perfection. This was a worthy headliner. They played songs from nearly every album.

All these band played on the main stage. I really didn't have time to see all the bands who played the tent stage, in fact I saw just one: Thulcandra. They didn't deserve to be on this a small and not well lit stage. A band that can play this well, with this power and great songs should play main stage...

And so this was the end of another great Party San party. Next year will be the 20th year for Party San, let’s make this a great anniversary!
As this was my first festival on my own, I haven't been able to review everything like I wanted.

Pictures and review by: Metaldude666
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