2014-05-10 Thronefest, Kubox, Kuurne

Throne Fest is a Belgian festival dedicated to Black Metal which takes place in Kuurne, Belgium.

We had to replace our nice warm beds for the car very early on this Saturdaymorning to arrive on time to catch the first band: Kult (from Italy). This band was impressing. Nice melodic black metal with entertaining changes in tempo was brought by these 4 man. Great sound also. I liked the active way of performing the singer and drummer did, while the guitarist with a good looking shirtless torso and the bass-player stood a bit lame. Looking forward to see them at the Under the Black Sun festival again in a few months.

Next up was Fides Inversa, also from Italy. They will release a full length later on this year. Not bad, but to me not as impressive as their fellow countryman. In my opinion their music equals Funeral Mist. The vocals of the drummer who also took singing for his account were not noticeable all the time. And then it was time for Arkona (from Poland, not from Russia), with lyrical themes about Paganism, Anti-Christianity and Darkness. Great to finally see this wildmen play live. They did not disappoint me.

Mgla (also from Poland, their name means 'fog') was also nice, but not as good as I expected. These 4 men with screened faces and hooded sweaters were well able to create a dark and threatening atmosphere on stage. Enthroned (from Belgium) did a good job, but this is not one of my most favorite bands. Despite having influences of all other well known black metal bands, I do not feel attracted to it. Call it just a lack of attribution. Tsjuder was absolutely awesome. What a great performance and the audience went wild. There even was a intense moshpit, wich to me, still is a strange phenomenon at black metal gigs. Even with this wonderfully energetic, steaming and pumping music. Never a dull moment. Their drummer is almost a machine, the way he just goes on and on. Of course, they played 'Slakt'. Their last song was the Bathory-cover 'Sacrifice' (if I ,despite all the beer, remembered it well). 1349 Lost his magic to me. I could not not manage it to go into their music and found the their performance also wasn't very interesting. Markduk was quite ok, but I have seen them way, way better (for example in Drachten, during the Serpent Sermon-tour). They played a 'best of'-set, starting with 'Panzer Division Marduk' and the last of the 16 songs they played was 'Wolves'. And of course 'Fistfucking God's Planet' also came along.

Although the venue wasn't too crowded, people from all over Europe came to visit the festival..There was also a little market where CD's, clothes and of course merch were sold..One downside was the food-distribution: only one woman had to serve all the hungry metallers. And her logistics were not quite ok. But the food (Fries, Mexicano, Hotdog, Frikandel, Burger and a Veggie Burger) was fresh and warm. Due to this, unfortunately I was only able to hear the last three minutes of Black Trash metallers Aura Noir (from Norway) So actually not a quite representative time to tell something about how their performance actually went.Apart from this, it was a wonderful festival.

Pictures and review by: Marjaaah