2012-09-15 The Gathering '92, Simplon, Groningen, The Netherlands

The band 11th Hour is just a one man band, but this is impossible to do on stage. So for the gigs some experienced live musicians will help out Ed Warby. The stage is completely filled with: a vocalist (Grunts), a guitar player who did the clean vocals (Ed Warby himself), two extra guitar players, a bass player and of course a drummer. They play old school doom metal. All the band members look like they are having fun and this is not a thing that often shows with doom bands. The sound and stage performance are good but after a hour of their slow and full music it gets a little boring.

The Gathering is playing a 1992 reunion tour. This tour started as a one benefit gig, but after this gig they decided to do some more gigs. The original line-up members from that era play the album Always.... in total. This album is a mixture between Death and Doom and that is something completely different from what The Gathering is doing nowadays. The way the band plays it seems like they haven't been doing anything else for the past 20 years. Enthusiasm is the key word for their live performance. Marike still has the vocal qualities as in the past but she didn't show the enthusiasm like the rest did. It was great to see a band play with this much energy. If the play somewhere near you, just do it....

Review & Pictures by: Marjaaah & Metaldude666