2011-12-16_17 Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

For the third year in a row the biggest winter festivals is back in Eindhoven. On Friday they had a very special line-up, old Trash bands playing their old stuff (get out your jeans jacket, so the band can get their v-shaped guitars). Sepultura, Exodus, Destruction, Asphyx, Heaten and Mortal Sin played only old shit. Friday was Trash and Saturday was Death and Black.
Friday Jäger Stage
Cripper is a thrash band with a female vocalist (especially when they are from Germany) brings back memories of Holy Moses and Britta can stand up to Sabina. She has the same power but due to her more fragile figure she doesn't look as powerful. Their music suffered from the sound problems that bothered all the bands. The dutch guys from Sinister also played on the small stage and had the same sound problems as all the bands had there this day. But Sinister didn't seem to care and played an enthusiastic show. Great interaction with the crowd.

The sound on Jäger stage for Desaster was a bit of a disaster (but that was the case for most bands on this stage on Friday). It was impossible to made heads or tails, but that wasn't because of their lack of dedication. According to a lot of people, the highlight of the Friday was Nifelheim from Sweden on the Jagerstage. Those guys have invented the metal of the metal, that's why Tyrant and Hellbutcher were given a nickname "Bröderna Hårdrock"(the heavy metal brothers) after a documentary about heavy metal fans. The sound of this old-school black metal was as it should be, and so was their stage-performance: raw and straight in the face. they played 'their first song ever written': Demonic Evil. And also 3 songs from 3 other albums. (My personal highlight was ' infernal flame of destruction' from their last album' envoy of Lucifer (2007)).

Friday Large Stage
Asphyx were a nice extra for the old school Friday. They also played mainly old songs, except for one. They brought us a brand new song: Deathhammer. It fitted right in with all the old songs. Powerfull as always. From the start Destruction went full speed right away and they stayed on that pace till the end. With only old songs, like: Total Desaster, Mad Butcher and Bestial Invasion, they raged on. The first two songs sounded really bad, but it became much better when Mad Butcher started. Sepultura played an old school set (only songs from Beneath, Arise and Chaos AD). The show started just like the Beneath the remains started (with the intro followed by the title track). One great song followed the other and it looked like it would be a normal old school set, but at the end it became really interesting. All the drummers from the trashfest tour (Mortal Sin, Heathen, Destruction and Exodus) came on stage. Together with Derrick (Green) they became the percussion section for the Kaiowas song. This sounded special and was awesome to say the least. They had another surprise for us: for refuse/resist they were assisted by Gary Holt (Exodus). From the opener (Beneath) till the closing song (Arise) it was a great gig. Even without the Cavalera brothers Sepulture knows how to get a party started.

Exodus also played an old school set (only songs from Bounded, Pleasures and Disaster). As always Rob (Dukes) looked brutal and Gary (Holt) & Lee (Altus) were the perfect sidekicks. After touring for a month with the trashfest they were in perfect condition. For Piranha they asked Derrick and Andreas (from Sepultura) to give the show an extra dimension. It was a great show.

Saturday Jäger Stage
At the first notes from Saturnian one thing became clear, the terrible sounds from Friday were replaced by more clear and audible noise. Guitars, bass and drum were clearly distinguishable. Straight forward Black metal from these Fins was a good start for this day.No one ever believed a (good) death metal band would come from Dubai, but Nervecell made us change our mind. This is straight forward Death metal, played by really nice guys. As the played the crowd loved what they were doing and Nervecell did the only thing they could do, play even louder, faster and whit their complete soul. As Benighted started one thing became obvious, one month of touring made this band a playing machine. Most songs were from their last two albums (Icon and Asylum Cave). Their Grindcore seems to become more and more their main style, all though the Death metal still shines through.

The latest album of Valkyrja made promised us this would be a brutal gig, and it was. I had never seen them before (and didn't know all the songs by heart) but they blew me (and the rest of the public) away. Definitely one of the revelations of EMM for me. Torture Division seems to think they are the best Death Metal band there is, so they have to think again. As they play some decent death metal tunes, they can learn from bands like Nervecell and Azarath. They play and forget to interact with the audience. Nice gig but if you claim to be the best, you can only do one thing: Be the best. This was the last God Dethroned concert on home soil. The Jäger stage was big enough, but the hall wasn't, they should have played the main stage! You can't pay respect to the Dutch death metal kings in a hall the size of living room. It was overly crowded. Lucky for me I was on time and had time to watch and listen. It seemed Henri was enjoying his last gig in Holland. He tried to please us with both old and new material. Great concert but wrong stage, the sound was pretty good though. It seems more and more like Poland is home for some great Death and Blackend Death metal bands. Although Azarath plays real Death metal, you can spot some Black metal influences. The drummer of Azarath also plays in Behemoth, maybe that's were some influences come from. The vocalist seemed in some sort of trance during the whole set, he just stared into the distance and never looked down to the public. The bigger bands were on the main stage, but the more surprising acts were in the Jäger stage.

Saturday Large Stage
On Saturday Tankard was the odd one out, Friday was the day for the oldies thrash metal. They didn't play an old school only set but a nice mix of old and new songs. Gerre seems to amaze me every time, jumping, running and using his (now smaller) belly as a drum kit, what an energy! The band played a steady set and was able to please the crowd, although they played early on this day. Marduk performed as a well-organized machine, as mostly always. The sound wasn't too bad, but not all the time, especially at the middle/back of the hall. They played a nice mix of old and new(er) songs. And two songs from their latest album (Iron Dawn). Nothing special to mention about Triptykon: this Swiss band brings nice dark music with black-, death-, gothic-, doom- and avant-garde influences. Bass-player Vanja stays an eye-catcher. Kataklysm played their show like a machine. Old songs and new ones to. It was an energetic show and the vocalist tried to keep in touch with the audience. Sound in front of the stage was much better than in the back of the hall. Morbid Angel was the headliner for this festival. The Illud album isn't really what most of the fans had expected, but on stage they really show who the real death metal gods are. A side from Nevermore and Existo Vulgoré, only old masterpieces were played. The start was an ABC (Immortal Rites, Fall from Grace and Rrrrrrrrapture). David seemed to be annoyed by something (beer throwers maybe) but he didn't spoke out his frustration, he was the front man he has always been. Lord of all fever and plague, Sworn to the Black and Chapel of Ghouls ended the show with only one downside, it all ended too soon. Morbid Angel playing like this shouldn't stop after 60 minutes.

Katatonia had to cancel their performance on EMM in 2010. Now they were there, to take revenge. Per Eriksson, live lead/rhythm guitarist and live backing vocalist shortly nodded the people in the photo-pitt. Then they kicked off with ' Leaders' from the album "the great cold distance (2006).The Swedish continued to play a steady show, with a few more songs from the GCD and 3 songs of their release in 2009: 'night is the new day'. Because of their 20th anniversary and their cancellation last year, they now gave a special treat: Anders Nyström, also known as Blakkheim (or formerly Blackheim) took over the microphone and Jonas P. Renske took his guitar for performing 'Without God', from their first full length album 'Dance of December souls ' (1993). Although the keys were on tape, it was a nice surprise. After this surprise, another oldie in the same set-up: Murder, from the album 'brave murder day (1996). In my opinion, Katatonia is always a pleasure for the ear and the eyes. And today even more. Necrophobic is the last band on the main stage (the last band who play their own songs). The sound quality wasn't very good but their stage performance is impressive. The look impressive and put up a wall of sound. They mainly played song from the last 2 album. With better sound they will probably be one of the best in the Blackened death scene.

Pictures & Review by: Marjaaah & Metaldude666