2011-11-30 Deathstars & None Shall Pass, Vera, Groningen

As soon as Vera opened all Deathstars fans crowded together in front of the stage, even though they knew there would be a support act to play first. It was a bit of switch in public after the Trashfest. At the Trashfest the mean age was somewhere around 40, but here it must have just around 20. Most fans were in 'Gothic-Style'. It's always nice to see the public trying to impress the band.
But first things first: None Shall Pass took the stage. These metals from Groningen play Death Metal with a Metalcore attitude. The front man didn't start on stage but in front of the stage between all the Deathstars fans, to get a connection with the audience. The instruments sounded a bit thin but the grunts where loud (and of course not clear). Their Death Metal interpretation isn't as brutal as some others but it has a nice catchy ring to it. Not all the Deathstars fans in front of the stage seemed to like the band very much; it merely was a sign for the band to give the public some extra piece of their music. I say Death before Stars.

The Deathstars play a sort of mix between Industrial, Gothic metal. Their music is a crossover between Marilyn Manson, Rammstein and Cradle of Filth, with a Laibach ring to it. It's a real show band, but they know how the play their instruments. The drums blast from stage accompanied by the flashing lights. On their albums they sometimes tend to sound not too strong but live the band really fills up the stage. The guitars shred and the bass fills in the tiny blank spaces. The bassplayer (who goes by the name of skinny, which was true) was responsible for the screams. Andreas (Bergh) has deep, dark voice, it resembles the atmosphere and style they try to set. He really is the leader the pack, some sort of Alfa male (I wonder if he played the whole show with an open fly by accident or as an invitation). The public (most of them real Deathstars fans) loved the band and even as impartial listener I can only say it was a great show. They blew away any prejudices that this would be a 'Rammstein wanna-be' band. Deathstars have their own style and their own sound. Blitzkrieg BOOM!

Review & Pictures by: Metaldude666