2011-11-09 Shining(no) +Dead Neanderthals, Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

When Shining, the Norwegian Shining, released their Blackjazz album in 2010 they showed the metal world there is more music than just plain old metal. Some say they even invented a new form of metal, Blackjazz. I'm not sure if that is what the guy's from Shining had in mind when they wrote this album. There must be a first time for everything and due to this concert I got a few firsts.
First time at Doornroosje (nice venue);
First time to see a less than 15 minutes show (Dead Neanderthals);
First time to see Shining.
The Dead Neanderthals is a two men band from the Netherlands and they look more like Cavemen than Neanderthals. They started the show at precisely nine o'clock and the best words to describe the band are Energetic and Effort. On stage there only were a tiny drum kit and a huge Saxophone (a Baritone Sax). The drummer hits the drums as some sort of madman, trying to set a pace of around 200 miles per hour. The Sax player tried to get all sorts of squeaks and beeps out of his Saxophone. This resulted in a very energetic stage performance but I think they need some more practice and some more variety in their songs. Maybe an extra band member, someone that knows how the handle a microphone, could give this band an extra dimension. After just 15 minutes they were finished and exhausted (I reckon). The negative side of this gig was the highly annoying feedback sound between the songs. In my opinion, their unlimited effort was the reason the public stayed during the whole 15 minutes.

Shining started only 15 minutes after this. The first song was only a small warm up, for the audience and for the band. After the warm up they went full throttle with The madness and the damage done and Fisheye. It's great to see how these musicians play these songs live with CD-like quality. Jørgen Munkeby is the frontman, he sings, plays guitar, saxophone and even an EWI. He switches his instruments as easy as I switch my beer from my left to my right hand. But the band is not only Jørgen, all other band members play with the same energy and dedication. A nice light effect was created at the drums, it lighted up in sync with the music. The rest of the light show was mainly the use of strobolights, it was hypnotizing at moments (speeding music and speeding lights). While most bands try to play the songs to match the CD recordings as much as possible, Shining chooses another path. They play the songs and improvise a lot to show off their quality, it looked like they rehearsed these little sidesteps too, but that wouldn't be improvising. But that's what jazz musician do. During In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster it seemed like Jørgen was about to lose his voice, but he regained his screams later on in that song. After 45 minutes they announced their last song, the King Crimson cover 21St Century Schizoid Man. It looked like they didn't want to stop, they came up with one improvised end after the other and so they prolonged a 8 minute song to a good 12 minutes. Although it was a Wednesday and about 2,5 hours drive it was worth the effort. A great concert with a bit of jazz and a lot of rock and metal. I have only one negative point: the sound was just a little too much (about 100dB).
Next time I'll bring a better camera, this time I noticed I forgot my camera when we arrived at Doornroosje.

Review & Pictures by: Metaldude666