2011-10-29, Onakentona, Corner Pub, Groningen, The Netherlands

One of our friends asked us to come see her rock band. Although we are real metallovers, we don't mind to take a look outside the metal boundaries and try to take in some other music. As history has told us, rock music is one of the parents of modern day metal. So we're just taking a stroll down memory lane.
Onakentona is not an oldies rock band. A mix between rock, metal and punk would be the best way to describe the music. And even a ballad found its way to the set list. But most of their songs were up-tempo. It really rocked. It doesn't matter if you know the songs or not. They catch you anyway!

And when you're a real metalhead and you're not too easy to impress by mere speed you can be caught by the enthusiasm of all the band members. The drummer is smiling and pounding the drums without breaking a sweat and the bass player keeps banging his head. The guitar player/singer is continuously trying to connect to the audience. He isn't the biggest guy in music, but he found a way to show himself to whole public, a small stool made him 10 inches bigger in 1 second. It seems he has unlimited energy.
The band played about 15 songs in just under 50 minutes. It may not have been the most brutal show and they didn't play the heaviest shit, it didn't bore us for one minute.

Review by: Marjaaah & Metaldude666
Pictures by: Thomas & Teffie