2011-10-29 Motörhead & Dead Mans Curse, IJsselhallen, Zwolle

Normally I attend concerts like anyone else, as a visitor, hoping to be blown a way for at least an hour; getting filled with nothing but music, beer and nicotine. Being employed at IJsselhallen Motörhead turned out to be a paid gig for me. So this review has been written from behind the bar, completely sober, working my ass of serving instead of drinking beer.
Around eight o'clock the doors opened at IJsselhallen. Due to increased ticket sales (2300 visitors) the gig took place in the main hall; a former cattle market under a hemisphere roof. About 25 years ago Motörhead played at the same place. Both band and hall haven't changed much except for age. Actually both look even worse compared to 25 years ago, making band and location a perfect match for a night of dirty old rock 'n roll.
Support act Dead Mans Curse from Eindhoven kicked off at nine o' clock, playing their own songs mixed with covers of Alice in Chains and Faith No More. For an opener they sounded pretty good, though not very original.
Knowing the audio-limits of the building, the sound was set a bit lower than Motörhead is used to. The band seemed ok with that, playing mostly slower songs, leaving enough room for Lemmy's voice to growl and moan out the lyrics. In the up-tempo songs Lemmy didn't always seem able to keep up on bass, which was mostly covered by Mickey Dee's tight drums. Best song was probably Orgasmatron, slow and filthy with Lemmy sounding sick as hell. A few songs later Motörhead ended with Ace of Spades and Overkill, ending a good show with their own review: Rock 'n' roll ain't worth the name if it don't make you strut, don't sweat it, get it back to you.

Review by: Niek