2011-10-17 Romein XS: Taake+Byfrost+Donn, Gloppe, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

The 17th of October 2011 will be remembered as Black Monday in Leeuwarden.

Donn, Byfrost, Taake

The line-up is very good (especially for a Monday). (Black)metal fans from Friesland and Groningen came together in ‘Gloppe’ for a triple (Black/thrash) threat. First of all, a big Hell Yeah for the sound engineer! Just a few minutes after the start of Donn (the Philosophy) the sound was very good. A good sound is a rare good these days (or are we spoiled). For all of you who haven’t been to ‘Gloppe’ here is a brief description of the venue. ‘Gloppe’ is music pub in the center of Leeuwarden. This is not a special metal pub but they play all kinds of music. The bands play in the attic of the pub. The bar is not always open (closed this night). There seems to be new trend in Metal, dual vocals. All three bands use this dual vocalist setup. Not all bands use the second vocalist in the same way. The second vocalist from Byfrost only did some screams and grunts. Both Donn and Taake used the second set of vocal cords as a backup or even to create extra depth in the music.
Donn started just before 20:30. As mentioned before the sound quality was pretty good. Donn is a new band for us, but they surprised us with their music. Some songs were plain old Black metal but in other songs they used a more technical and progressive approach. Unexpected breaks and some technical guitar riffs made Donn a band to keep an eye out for. They are not shy on stage and know how to present themselves.
Byfrost are not newbies but no dinosaurs either. Again not typical Black metal, for some ears not even Blackmetal at all, but a very nice and brutal mix between Black and Thrash. Not a common mix but it works. They have an energetic stage performance and play their brutal notes with enthusiasm.
Does Taake need an introduction? I guess not. With the new album in stores Hoest picked up his microphone and went on tour. During the first half of the show it’s easy to notice Taake is just a one man show with some guys playing Black metal behind Hoest. They play very good old school Black metal but they’re just a backing band. But then came the switch as ‘Fra vadested til vaandesmed’ was started (the opening song of the new album, Noregs Vaapen). The band became more brutal and powerful by the moment. The warmed up crowd went wild on this new found energy. As always the set ended with Hoest covering himself with the Norwegian flag.
With this explosive finale ended this Black Monday in Leeuwarden.

Review by: Metaldude666