2011-08-11_13 Party San Open Air, Schlotheim, Germany

Goodbye Bad Berka, hello Schlotheim (the organisation only forgot to mention this change to Exhumed). After Mud San last year the organisation went looking for a more suitable terrain and they found the old commie airstrip in Schlotheim. Lots of tarmac and well drained grass fields. Ideal for Party San (in Thuringen the weather is never really stable). The organisation arranged a shuttle bus with the destination 'TO HELL' for the daily supermarket trips. This year there was less rain but more wind, even so much wind the main stage roof (with Hell is Here written on it) was blown off. This happened Thursday early in the afternoon. Due to the problems on main stage all bands had to play on the tent stage and had a delay of more than 1 hour. The tent is normally used for the metal disco.

More than 1 hour behind schedule the Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult had to play on the small tent stage. This occultism influenced old school black metal is as hardcore as you can get. They despise the Gothic influence in most nowadays black metal. Onielar's voice was as dirty as always but pleasant in a sickening way. They played a solid gig, but I am still wondering if they could have played better on the original stage on the original time. The last band on Thursday was Trypticon. On Trypticon I can be very short. Yawn!!!!
The second band on Friday to try to get us out of bed was Truppensturm, this one man project had some help on stage (you can't play all the instruments on stage). They didn't waste any time to announce the next song, just do what you're paid for (play some bad-ass music). The only downside was the lack of difference between both vocalists. Urgehal where next to please us with some lovely tunes. Their sound was ok. They played an Autopsy-cover. For the last song the band got some help from Kvass (Koldbrann). This last song was Satanic Black Metal in Hell, (Goatcraft Torment).Mannevond gave the bass to Kvass and took over the mike from Trondr Nefas (and did such a good job I started wondering if they have right person on vocals). 6 in the evening is dinnertime, but not on Party San, here it's Absu time (so dinner can wait). For all the people who say Americans can't play black metal, Absu is proving them WRONG. They won't take time for show elements (like corpse paint) but they do make some brutal black metal (with some thrashy and death influences). The sound wasn't perfect (some squeaks shouldn't have been there, but weren't that annoying). Some of the songs were 'Swords and Leather' and 'Highland Tyrant Attack' (The Third Storm Of Cythrau). Between all the black and death metal bands the Irish Primordial are the odd ones out. That didn't matter for the crowd, they were watching and enjoying the show. The band created a very nice atmosphere and after the tunes of 'Empire falls' (To The Nameless Dead) the gig unfortunately ended. It was nice to see Simon (the previous drummer) has returned. Melechesh plays a mixture of black and thrash metal with middle east folk influences. They did what they came for, play a good show, but due to their very characteristic sound it bored me before they were finished. As always Helmut (aka Hailmut because of yelling 'hail, hail, hail) from Belphegor knew exactly where he was (he screamed 'Party San' for more then fifty times in his well know crooked voice).They played some songs from almost every album. As a special treat they brought a female dancer. She was almost completely naked, except for the gas mask, some nipple tape and a satanic cross on her (un)holy place. During the last few notes even the cross disappeared. The crowd asked for more (Zugabe, Zugabe!!!!), but got some Norwegian black metal instead. 1349 was next, Belphegor warmed up the audience. Frost (also from Satyricon) started the concert with some drumming noise. The band played intense and the sound was very good, but the light show was awful. No lights on the band, only stroboscopic light to the crowd. It looked more like a shadow play then a black metal gig (although everything was very black). Seidemann (bass) put on a habit and looked like the Grim Reaper. A well performed Serpentine Sibilance (Revelations of the Black Flame) was good compensation for sickening light show.At midnight the stage was for the death metal pioneers from Morbid Angel. As they started their 'Immortal Rites' the weather gods interpreted this as a prayer for rain.The rain was heavy but not enough to scare the fans into the tent. They played mainly old work (Altars, Blessed and Covenant) except for the two songs from Illud (Existo Vulgoré and Nevermore). Although we all miss the 'Commando', Tim Yeung is a pretty good replacement. Destructhor did his robotic dance and Trey was hiding behind his hair and blood red guitar. Dave Vincent entertained us all and did his best to curse the rain away. To cut it short: a great gig.
Panzerchrist (from Denmark) started at 3 in afternoon (on Saturday). The sound was more than okay, the band played well but the presentation wasn't very special. For example: Magnus Jorgensen (vocals) was wearing a shirt that made him look like Al Bundy. Nice gig but I don't think anyone will remember it for long.

Taake played a perfect gig. Høst seemed in good mood (except one of his first outbursts: Dreckschwein). They even played a cover, 'Die when you Die' (GG Allin's). They played and played, even beyond their normal playing time. At the end Høst wanted to say some last words to the crowd, only to find out the microphone was already turned off. He hailed the public and went away.Just after dinner Nachtmystium took the stage. It all sounded very fine and looked nice, but they didn't convince me they are the band for a stage this size. When Nachtmystium plays in small venue nearby I will definitely take a look. Fire, fire and even more fire, that's what the Watain stage looks like (but you of course know that). As always the show was nearly perfect, as was the sound. They played 2 tracks from Rabid Death's Curse (including the title track), 3 from the Casus Luciferi album and even a Bathory cover ('A fine day to die). Loved the concert, but I hope the next one isn't perfect again. After being absent for about 15 years or so Morgoth took their place on stage. In the early 90's they where the most popular death metal band from Germany. As you can hear in their music they where influenced by Death, Obituary and Asphyx. Although they hadn't played together for a while, that was not noticeable. During the last song they got some help from the singer of Purgatory (that sounded good too). I don't think this is the last we have heard from Morgoth. Enslaved was next to entertain the party people. Under normal circumstances Grutle sings all the songs alone, but this time he had some help from Ivar (keys) with most songs. It seemed like Grutle was a bit confused (or maybe a bit drunk) because he was saying hello to the wrong place (not Schlotheim and not party San). One of the highlights of the show was Ground (Vertebrae). At the Gates climbed stage to lock the festival. Due to heavy winds the sound was blown away. The crowd was a bit timid and also the band looked a bit tame. Near the end of the show they played their biggest hit, 'Blinded by fear'.
After three days, more than 30 bands Party San Open Air 2011 is finished. Fortunately the soul of the Party San festival didn't went away with the change of the festival ground. Party San is still the best Black/Death and Grind party there is. I nearly can't wait till next year.

Review & Pictures by: Marjaaah & Metaldude666