2010-09-03&04 Occultfest, Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

Friday 3th September
Chain of dogs, Soulburn, Deadbeat, Zonaria, Hammer of justice

Saturday 4th September
Insatiable, Grindpad, Mother of sin, Divine sins, Onheil, The dead normality, Buttbugs, Ceremony of opposites, The 101's, Always fallen, A new dawn, Dead Head, Cirrha niva, Izegrim, Slechtvalk

The end of the (Dutch) festival season & meeting friends there
Occultfest is traditionally the last open air metal festival of the season in the Netherlands. The setup of the festival is cheap. The bands play just for fun. All expenses are covered by beer, merchandise and some food (and other drinks). Admission is free (if you have booked on time), otherwise the entrance-fee is € 10,-..There also is a camp-site.
The bands all play with enthusiasm, always nice to see! But like every year, most people are not here for the bands (sorry bands). The festival is the best place to get together with friends and all the other people you vaguely know. Most of the talks are about nothing at all, but if you can find a topic mostly it would be about the festivals everybody has been to.

The occulfest surroundings are as Dutch as you but you can imagine. Flat (the land, not the girls), green, sheep, cows, fences and metalheads. This year the weather was great (the shelter tent was mainly used for the tables and benches). The beer price was the pleasant level of € 1,666 per glass. Due to the beer prices most people were only wet on the inside.
A big 'HELL YEAH' for the organization! They make this super-festival happen every year. Thanks!

Review & Review by: Marjaaah & Metaldude666