2012-12-14&15 Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Just before the annual holidays Metal minded people get the opportunity to have a party with people from all over Europe in Eindhoven.
Friday Jäger stage
So the first band for us was Christ Agony on the jäger stage. This black metal band from Poland did a good job performing. Their work was not just common black. The prints on the drum kit were an eye-catcher. Although Tomasz and Cezar both did vocals, the vocals stayed a bit plain while for me it was not quite possible to hear the difference between the vocals apart or together. Now Herder had climbed the stage. I was very curious to see this doom/stoner band. In my opinion the music was quite ok, and also was the sound. The singer started to get on my nerves after only a few minutes because of his enthusiasm with high testosterone levels. True thing is he was able to do different things with his voice. Although in my opinion his voice did not fit in with the music. Because the venue was really crowded while Grand Supreme Blood Court were playing, I did not feel the necessity to check them out. So I arrived at the jäger stage again to hail the belgian black metal band Enthroned. This just felt awesome: there was a big wall of sound, the band played real tight and the echo of the voice of Nornagest gave me goosebumps. The people in the jäger stage venue seemed like sardines in a tin when Taake did their show. They kicked off with Nordbundet and after that Du ville ville Vestland from their latest album.Then they went on with Umenneskse from the Taake-album, to continue with Fra vastested til vaandesmed from Noregs Vapen (again). Time for Hoest to take his Jacket off. Hordalands Doedskvad and Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik came next . This was just an awesome show, that kept the attention of the audience the whole time. The last song was Nattestid ser Porten vid. So most songs from their latest release and one from all previous studio albums came along. And of course the rituals with the Norwegian flag were done. I went away for Satyricon a while to see Macabre. Although those men are not youngsters anymore (but still the same lineup since 1985), they did a good job and it seemed like both the band and the crowd enjoyed their Death-murder-metal with songs like The Iceman (and he wasn't a nice man), Nightstalker and Trial (about Jeffrey Dahmer) a lot. Then it was time to see Saille (which means 'weeping willow' in Irish) from Belgium. I really looked forward to see their show. At the start, the gig was a bit messy, after a while, it got much better. To me, their presentation on the stage was a bit boring, this might had something to do with me getting really tired. They have released one album. Songs I remember are Tephra and Tremendous. In 2013 the release their second album Ritu, and tonight they played Haunter of the Dark from this upcoming album. Although the vocals were not on key all the time, this symphonic black metal band is promising.

Friday Large stage
Unfortunately we weren't able to arrive on time to check out The Amenta. We were told by people who did see them that they kicked ass.
Now it was time to check out Ancient Rites from Belgium. At first, the sound was really poor: Gunter could make himself barely audible and it seemed like the drummer had some serious trigger problems. After a while, the sound got better. Gunter gave his best, although it was noticeable he suffered darm-plagues. Of course they played Fatherland. After this it was time to check out melodic death metal guys Dark Tranquility once more. As always, the band was a well-lubed machine and the energetic and sometimes neurotic moves of Mikael Stanne a real eye catcher. The atmosphere got even better with the nice videoshow on the background. During the show they played work from 6 albums. Four songs from the album Fiction (2007) and the title-track of their latest EP Zero Distance (2012). Good old Obituary climbed the stage around 9 o'clock. They only played songs from their first three albums, so all songs were well known to most of the audience. When Slowly we Rot first came out (somewhere around 1989) it really was something special, but nowadays it isn't all that special anymore. They played a good show and I loved to hear Chopped in Half, Cause of Dead and Slowly we Rot. Meanwhile the large stage was prepared for Satyricon to entertain the audience. It was obvious that a lot of people were eager to check them out. It was a bit busy at the stage: next to Satyr and Frost there were Steinar ' Azarak' Gundersen on the lead-guitar, Gildas Le Pape on rhythm-guitar, Anders Odden on bass guitar and Jonna Nikula on the keyboards. They started with the title-song from the Now Diabolical-album (2006). It is quite a normal thing that the drummer isn't very well shown during a gig. But Frost seemed to be playing hide and seek while drumming. It was only visible that he did not wear a shirt and it looked like he had a beard. Later I heard that due to my visit at the jäger stage, I missed Satyricon playing 'oldy' Hvite Krists Død and two songs from the Nemisis Divina-album. I got back at the large stage on time to hear Fuel for Hatred, K.I.N.G and Die by my Hand. This all sounded very well. The last one was a, in my humble opinion, hideous performance of Mother Nord: too fast, too messy and I could not recognize the voice of Satyr. Five minutes after Saille started their gig, the violence of Brujeria was poured all over the stage. Those angry man played their death grind quite well. Unfortunately there was no energy left for us to visit the after party at the Dynamo-venue to check out Debauchery and Blacklodge.

Saturday Jäger stage
I preferred to wake up some more at the jäger stage, where Dust Bolt did their job. I could absolutely understand why this trash metal band from won the Wacken Metal Battle in 2011: they were just great to hear and to see, nothing more to add. Australian Black metal band Gospel Of The Horns is active since 1993. After some split-ups and pauzes, I was honoured to see them for the first time at Party San Open Air earlier this year. Today, their show was even better: old school black without paint or any show elements. The sound was just great and both the band and the audience feeded each other with a great energy. They also played a new song: Sorcery and blood. After them, Gorath showed us their progressive black metal skills during their farewell gig. Such as the Dutch had to say goodbye to their metal gods from God Dethroned last year, the impact of the goodbye of Gorath is simular in Belgium. This four man (2 bold, to with long hair) gave their best and their gig had nothing to argue about. One song I remember them playing is The seven seals. Next on stage it was time for homegrown doom metallers The 11th Hour. They had only time to play four songs, like One Last Smoke and We All Die Alone . Their music is just beautiful, the atmosphere they play in is very charming. A prerequisite is that you really should dig doom metal, otherwise it gets boring quickly. On stage, The Devils Blood got ready for their rituals. Even though this band has only a few years of existence, they have attained cult status already. And the venue was absolutely crowded. I was too late to get in on a normal way. From the hallway, it was not possible to get a good impression, so I cannot tell if their performance was better or not comparing to some other times I saw them in action.
Austrian death metal/grindcore band Disharmonic Orchestra could, although they Recommended Suicide and Disappeared With Hermaphrodite Choirs not hold my attention very long. Spanish five-piece goregrind band from Madrid, Haemorrhage really kicked ass in their bloody, gore surgeon's-outfits. It is obvious that they are highly influenced by bands like Carcass, but still they have their own identity. It was the second time Carach Angren performed at Eindhoven Metal Meeting. Today, they brought violin player Nikos Mavridis with them on stage. Their symphonic black metal is epic and their theatrical way of performing, especially the way Seregor moves, is fascinating. They started with Lingering in an Imprint Haunting from their latest album and ended with Bloodstains on the Captains Log, from their second album. Due to limited time at the festival the band was not allowed to play "The Ghost of Raynhem Hall" . In my opinion, this gig was way too short and I am sure a lot of the people in the public agree with me on this point.

Saturday Large stage
On Saturday the day started with Dutch industrial metal Deadcell on the large stage. They did a good job, although what they do is not quite my cup of tea. After that Excrementory Grindfuckers were next. What started as a recording project, became a tour in Germany with Apocalyptischer Reiter in 2004. It was fun to hear the band play numbers from bands like Modern Talking, Limb Biscuit and Bad Relegion in their own mix, which lies somewhere between Schlager and Grindcore. As usual they ended their show The Final Grinddown. Due to unforeseen circumstances Thyrfing had to cancel. In their place progressive deathmetallers Talanas from the UK played 6 songs, including Napalm Death-cover Next of Kin to Chaos. To me this band is a big revelation. The guys from Talanas look a little bit nerdy but the play good technical death metal. The singer (Hal Sinden) isn't afraid to vary between scream, grunts and clean vocals. The clean vocals didn't come out as good as they sound on CD but it still was pretty good. Grunts and scream are good. Talanas might just be the new Opeth. By now it was time to check out Krux on large stage. They are a Swedish doom metal band, created by Leif Edling after Candlemass fell apart. Although they performed quite well, to me it was a bit disappointing because I do not like the vocals of Mats Levén. This is purely a matter of taste. They brought us songs like Black Room,Popocatépetl and Devil Sun. Then the Swedish Gothic/Industrial freaks Deathstars were next on large stage. Although there is nothing wrong with their performance (if you like that stuff) they were too freaky and even scary for me to have a very long look. Because I am not a big fan, I did not recognize any of their songs. Finally it was time for My Dying bride. It seemed like Aaron and Lena had a new haircut. The first song they presented today was Kneel till Doomsday from their latest album. After that, three oldies and one recent one again, to continue with The Cry of Mankind. Their performance was steady as always, with as we know them much attention to atmospheric details. Sodom played a special set for us this night. Most songs were different from all other shows they played the last few months. They have so much (good) material to choose from so it still was a very good show. It included a Motörhead cover (Iron Fist), Bombenhagel, Sodomized and the totally wild Surfin Bird'/ The saw is the law (the crowd went wild). These oldies are still going strong.

As soon as they were finished, we realised we were just broken and decided to leave.
Due to this decision, we cannot report about Gama Bomb, Totenmond and The New Dominium. Better luck next time.
It was a great festival weekend again. About the festival in general we can say that most visitors are just nice and just want to have a good party with other metal minded peeps. Downside was the schedule: too many good bands at the same time and not enough space between the finish of one band and the start of a new one. Beer prices are quite ok and the toilet-facilities deserves a hommage: no big rows and clean.The food at the Effenaar at the Heavy Vetwal is poor in quality and expensive. Luckily there are a lot of restaurants near the venue. But with the busy schedule we had, especially on Friday, we could not find time to have a decent meal. All this could not spoil the fun and we look back on a successful Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2012.

Review & Pictures by: Marjaaah & Metaldude666