2014-05-01 Simplon UP: Drauggard + Captive Sight + Ethriad Engrin, Simplon, Groningen, The Netherlands

The renewed concept of Simplon UP started today with a mixture of local talent and an international line-up. The gigs took part in the small hall, because also this night in the bigg hall a comedy-performance took place.
At 21.30, the young talents of Ethriad Engrin kicked off. This black metal band was founded in 2012 and has impressed many at the Vera Metal Battle. This band definitely has potential. Despite the fact that the sound was not quite ok all the time, they did not always played as tight as they should and their stage performance showed a bit stiffly, this show was definitely worth conquering the rain.
If these youngsters keep practising, they do not need to fear a morbid future in black metal-land.
To me, the variety in pace was pleasant to the ear. During their second or third song, the singer/guitar player threw some 'blood' at the audience. Not a quite unusual thing that might happen at a black metal concert. But some 'very true' men were moaning about this. The cover of performing a Gorgoroth-song, was also a pleasant surprise.

Next up was Captive Sight, a Swedish band who plays groovy metal with dark, experimental influences. Their performance was energetic, and not bad, but absolutely not my cup of tea. A good band to drink some beers on and chat with some friends. The only thing during this gig that could hold my attention for more than two minutes, was the cover of the Rage Against The Machine-song "Killing In The Name Of".

Tonight's headliner was Drauggard from Russia. Because of being on tour in Europe, Simplon took this opportunity to book them. This band plays black metal band with pagan and battle metal influences. Their lyric themes are about Scandinavian mythology, Death and apocalypse. Last year they released their first full length album. This band had good sound and the performance was also ok. One song, I don't know wich one, brought an association with the band Absu in my head.

Judging from both the audience and the organisation, they were satisfied to have such a metal night with a nice crowd in Simplon Groningen. So we are looking forward to the next one!

Review & Pictures by: Marjaaah & Metaldude666