2014-05-10 Amsterdam Metalfest, Sugarfactory, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is getting their own Metalfest. This year is the second edition of the Amsterdam Metafest. As a special threat only bands from Amsterdam are allowed.
Hillsphere were the ones to start the festival. They played their progressive & acoutical metal very well. But, as a former singer, they really lack something to keep me interested the whole set.....vocals and a real frontman (or frontwoman).

With Disquiet the fest really started, more and more people dropped in, the music started to kick ass and the audiance began to move. Headbanging is of course mandatory with thrash metal played with enthousiasm. Nice set, good atmosphere.

Next up For I am King. This is as deathcore as can be. All the typical moves and sounds. But with one major difference, this is the first female fronted deathcore band I have seen. Most of the time deathcore are the boybands within the metal scene. I must really admit Alma has a great powerfull voice. And the whole band was playing with loads of energy the whole concert. Good performance, everything would have been perfect....if I was into deathcore. Now it was time for a quick snack.

I was back right in time to see Akrasial start the first song. One thing was obvious...they had trouble. Mainly trouble with their instruments but all together it wasn't very good. Not like it was in the cave, when they were supporting Azarath. After just a few songs they called it quits. This was a real pitty, I was really looking foreward to seeing them again.

MagnaCult was here to save the day. All technical problems seemed to be repaired. They started out on full speed. The vocalist from Akrasial jumped the stage to support the band and sing a song with them. The whole band was full of fire, but the bass player was (just after the frontman) the most enthousiast one. Their metalcore (with a hint of death metal) got the people in a good party mood. During the whole set a nice pit was moving in front of the stage. Lots of people were banging their heads for a the greater part of the concert.

Red eyes were definitely the odd ones out this metalfest. Most of the bands were death-/metalcore but these guys played old school heavy metal. And they did a good job on this too. What's more to say, straight foreward old school heavy metal played by good musicians.

The end of the second edition came close as Cilice climbed the stage. They present themselves as a Mad Math Metal band. In my opinion mad was certainly their style. I couldn't really distinguish the separate instruments. It seemed all band members did their part, but it didn't really came out the way the had planned. Enthousiams isn't always enough.

I liked the festival and I hope there will be a third edition next year. I hope the lights will be upgraded by then. Without any front lights it was nearly impossible to see all the band members. I hope next year they can get a broader range of bands, like old school death metal or some black metal.

Review & Pictures by: Metaldude666

01. La Camorra
02. Condemnation
03. Killing
04. Ascending
05. Born to Dissent
06. Trenches

01. Fake Words
02. Disorder -Insua EnVenom
03. Torment - Insua EnVenom
04. Past Defeat - Insua EnVenom
05. Inside will Guide - Synoré
06. Line of Attack - Synoré
07. Hell's in Me - Insua EnVenom
08. Kill Ignorant Humanity - Synoré
09. Thrash

Red Eyes
01. Midnight Running
02. Juice
03. Amsterdam
04. Bad Bones
05. Line
06. Baby Girl
07. Bloodshed
08. Whiskey