2015-08-06 & 08 Party San Open Air, Schlotheim

Finally it's party (san) time again. No rain or heavy winds this year, just sun, sun and more blistering sun. Hell definitely is HERE. There are different ways to cope with the heat, but staying in the shade is by far the best way. Staying hydrated will help. Beers aren't great for hydrating or so I was told, but I don't believe everything people tell me. So just a few beers aren't too bad.

On Thursday Behemoth is headliner and for me they were by far the best for the day. As always the put on a very intense show. It all started with 'Blow your trumpets Gabriël'. The band can find each other on stage even if they were blind folded. It's great to see how Behemoth work together in making a show while playing some great metal. Among the best songs of the night were 'Ov fire and the void', 'Alas, LOrd is upon me' and the closing songs 'At the left hand ov God' and 'O Father O Satan O Sun'. Great first headliner.

Friday morning 12 O'clock on Party San is Grindcore time.....This year the Dutch guys from Cliteater were asked to fill the greatest slot of the festival. As every year lots of people found a way to wake up in time for running around in circles for 30 minutes. The band seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the crowd. It's grindcore but it's also a party. And still it's a good band and they played a terrific show.

Friday was a great day for more reasons besides Cliteater. I didn't expect it, but Aeternus was really great. Sound was good and the performance was even better. I don't know which songs they played but they kept me watching the whole show and that doesn't happen with every band ;-).

I am still not sure if Cannibal Corpse or Bloodbath was headlining on Friday. CC were closing the day, but BB were stealing the show. Bloodbath with Nick Holmes sonds like a strange cross over between Bloodbath and Paradise Lost, it's hard not to think of paradise lost with Nick's voice. It's a pity Mikael had to leave the band, but is is still a great band. Every song is as brutal as it is supposed to be. If it weren't for Rotting Christ this would have been the best gig of the festival.

After a long hot day of Party San finally my favorite band for 2015 was ready to start their Rituals. Rotting Christ know how to start the show. The first two songs were '666' and 'P'unchaw kachun- Tuta kachun'. After these the good songs kept on coming. After 3 songs I had to stop taking pictures, but this gave me more time to watch the show. It's a strange experience to stand in the blistering sun and still getting goosebumps by the performance. Most of the songs were from the last two albums (Aealo & Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού).

The worst performance this weekend by far was by Mayhem. This has completely nothing to do with music. This is ear torture in it's purest form.

We were very lucky Mayhem weren't closing the festival. My dying bride and Samael took care of our eyes and ear and made this Party San to a succes again. I almost can't wait till August 2016.......

Pictures and review by: Metaldude666